Loot from session 4

1500 cp, 800 sp, 70 gp, 100 Platnium, Platinum Cloth Ribbon (25 gp), Feathered Ribbon (25 gp), Fine Cloth Gloves threaded with Electrum (25 gp), Iron Helmet (25 gp), Iron Pectoral (25 gp), Feathered Gloves (25 gp), Iron Bell (25 gp), Spell Scroll (Destructive Smite), Decanter of Endless Water, Potion of Diminuition, Potion of Gaseous Form

Session 4
Trouble on the sea

Oversword Kentil agrees to let the party take possession of the ship. He also informs them that the ship belonged to the Black Hand, a crime syndicate based in Neverwinter. He also offers a stiff warning they they will be under the watchful eye of the Purple Dragons.

The group takes off in their newly acquired ship headed towards Overskyte Keep in the Vast Swamp. They must first sail along the coast of the inner sea whereupon they are eventually confronted with a pirate ship. After exchanging volleys the group is able to board the pirate ship and prevail in a vicious boarding which almost ended the life of Thrall after he was caught in the blast of an ice spell from a wizard.

The group hired the remaining crew of the ship and instructed them to sail into port at Suzail and wait for the group to return. After a short recovery in a small port, the adventurers took their skiff up the Darkwater River into the Vast Swamp.

Far up the river the group was stop by the local Black Draganborn clan. Bjorn was able to shift into animal form to avoid catching the eye of his fellow Dragonborn who have a bounty on him. Nannu was able to convince the Dragborn to let them pass.

Finally reaching the end of the river, the adventurers set out on foot through the swamp. After a short march, they came upon the Ovarskyte Keep. Guarding the front entrance were a group of Yuan Ti and a Drow officer. The group were able to dispatch the guard and prepare to enter the Keep….

Session 3
Off to Cormyr

Krusk retires from the party and takes over stewardship of the adventures newly acquired keep.

A Wood Elf Paladin, Thalamar, joins the party on the recommendation of Krusk.

The scholar who identified the book left behind after the assault on Bjorn recommended the group head to the Western Highland to Candle Keep to investigate the book further.

Candle Keep require a tome of over 1000 gold in order to enter. The adventures search for such a tome and are eventually approached by a Halfling female named Sheena at the Friendly Arm Inn. She offers the party information and access to the library at the Temple of Gond where many expensive tomes are located. The adventurers decide instead to report the Halfling to the priest at Gond. The priest ask for assistance in capturing the Halfling which the adventurers are able to do. In reward of their help in stopping the scheming Halfling, the priest give the adventurers a tome that will allow their entrance into Candle Keep.

The party enters Candle Keep where they are taken to the Keeper of Tome, Ulrant, due to the importance of the cult book. The Keeper and the party make a deal where the Keep will keep the book for a month and pay the party 2500 gold in order to copy the book. They also agree to give the party one free entrance into the keep and share their findings after studying the Asmodai tome.

The adventures take of for Cormyr to investigate the boat they had acquired after finding the deed in the box they took from the keep they had acquired. Their ultimate goal is to hopefully use the boat to sail into the Vast Swamp and to the Ovarskyte Keep where the letter they found at the keep described a vast treasure.

While camping somewhere outside of Cormyr, the party was attacked by a group brandishing the head of the cult member who assaulted Bjorn on a pike. The adventurers eventually dispatch the group which were confirmed to be Asmodai members. A letter found on one of the bodies show a bounty on the party with the express purpose of taking back the cult tome.

The adventurers finally make it to Suzail, the capital of Cormyr, where the boat is located. As they approached the docks, they realize the boat is under guard by the Purple Dragons. The party ask the Purple Dragons the reason for this and are only informed that the boat has been seized. After admitting ownership of the boat, the party is told they must immediately accompany the guards to meet with Oversword Kentil.

Loot from session 3

2100 cp, 1100 sp, 100 gp, Carnelian (50 gp), Jasper (50 gp), Star rose quartz (50 gp), Spell Scroll (Dancing Lights), Driftglobe, 2 x Potion of Healing

Session 2

The adventures were confronted by a local gang at a tavern in Neverwinter and a fight ensued. The group defeated the gang but received a warning from a fleeing thug that their boss, Jyndal Marcirillo, would exact revenge for this confrontation. Bjorn met and befriended a fellow Black Dragonborn female named Nannu.

While this was occurring, Thrall Corwin was away having been summoned by a local Tempus priest named Edmugh. Edmugh claimed to have knowledge of the incident involving Thrall’s family and pirates. Edmugh would only divulge this information if Thrall would agree to assault a local keep and return to Edmugh a chest unopened located inside the keep.

The adventures set of to recover the chest. While camping in the woods outside the keep, a traveler descended upon them requesting to share their campfire. The group agreed and after some time the traveler, claiming to be searching for a rare flower in the forest, bid his farewell. Bjorn asked to accompany the traveler and he agreed. Soon after the traveler left the group was attacked by Bugbears. Bjorn meanwhile was poisoned by the traveler as he set forth to enact some strange ritual on Bjorn. Bjorn was saved by Nannu who had been following the group since they left Neverwinter. The traveler managed to flee, leaving behind a strange tome. The rest of the group managed to fight off the Bugbears. The whole episode seemed to be a trap set by the strange traveler.

The adventures left in the morning and were able to sneak into the keep. They noticed that there were many slaves help by the group in the keep but the keep itself was lightly defended. Descending to the basement, the group confronted and defeated the keep’s leader and discovered the chest Edmugh was looking for. Despite the priest’s request, the adventurers opened the chest. The chest contained many jewels and gold but also a note describing a vast wealth located at the Ovarskyte Keep in the Vast Woods of Cormyr. The adventures also discovered a magnificent weapon while rummaging through the basement of the keep.

Loot from session 2

700 cp, 6000 sp, 2500 gp, Small Bag of Spices (25 gp), Pewter Chime (25 gp), Leather Belt set with Hematite (25 gp), Ceramic Comb (25 gp), Pewter Flask (25 gp), Bag of Tricks (rust), +1 Weapon

The adventure begins
Neverwinter Forest

The story so far….

The adventurers find themselves in a small town outside the Neverwinter Forest working for a loan sharking dwarf, the adventures were tasked with collecting a sum of money owed by a local jewelry merchant. When the merchant would not pay a fight ensued. This resulted in the adventures being arrested by the local authorities and brought before the town’s noble.

The players were given the option by a noble to find his son, who he had enlisted to apprenticeship under a local wizard, or face prosecution.

The adventures made their way to the wizards estate and after several battles including a confrontation with some goblins who mysteriously had tentacles for arms. After battling their way through the web infested estate they discovered that the wizard was bound and had his tongue cut out. A journal near his bed described vile experiments he had been conducting and a unhealthy obsession with octopuses.

They finally found the nobles son in the basement of the estate but it was to late to save him. He had been horrible changed by the wizards experiments and the players were forced to put him down.

The saddened noble thanked the adventures for finding out the truth and rewarded them with gold and a promise to forgive them of all past transgressions.

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