Session 2


The adventures were confronted by a local gang at a tavern in Neverwinter and a fight ensued. The group defeated the gang but received a warning from a fleeing thug that their boss, Jyndal Marcirillo, would exact revenge for this confrontation. Bjorn met and befriended a fellow Black Dragonborn female named Nannu.

While this was occurring, Thrall Corwin was away having been summoned by a local Tempus priest named Edmugh. Edmugh claimed to have knowledge of the incident involving Thrall’s family and pirates. Edmugh would only divulge this information if Thrall would agree to assault a local keep and return to Edmugh a chest unopened located inside the keep.

The adventures set of to recover the chest. While camping in the woods outside the keep, a traveler descended upon them requesting to share their campfire. The group agreed and after some time the traveler, claiming to be searching for a rare flower in the forest, bid his farewell. Bjorn asked to accompany the traveler and he agreed. Soon after the traveler left the group was attacked by Bugbears. Bjorn meanwhile was poisoned by the traveler as he set forth to enact some strange ritual on Bjorn. Bjorn was saved by Nannu who had been following the group since they left Neverwinter. The traveler managed to flee, leaving behind a strange tome. The rest of the group managed to fight off the Bugbears. The whole episode seemed to be a trap set by the strange traveler.

The adventures left in the morning and were able to sneak into the keep. They noticed that there were many slaves help by the group in the keep but the keep itself was lightly defended. Descending to the basement, the group confronted and defeated the keep’s leader and discovered the chest Edmugh was looking for. Despite the priest’s request, the adventurers opened the chest. The chest contained many jewels and gold but also a note describing a vast wealth located at the Ovarskyte Keep in the Vast Woods of Cormyr. The adventures also discovered a magnificent weapon while rummaging through the basement of the keep.



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