Session 4

Trouble on the sea

Oversword Kentil agrees to let the party take possession of the ship. He also informs them that the ship belonged to the Black Hand, a crime syndicate based in Neverwinter. He also offers a stiff warning they they will be under the watchful eye of the Purple Dragons.

The group takes off in their newly acquired ship headed towards Overskyte Keep in the Vast Swamp. They must first sail along the coast of the inner sea whereupon they are eventually confronted with a pirate ship. After exchanging volleys the group is able to board the pirate ship and prevail in a vicious boarding which almost ended the life of Thrall after he was caught in the blast of an ice spell from a wizard.

The group hired the remaining crew of the ship and instructed them to sail into port at Suzail and wait for the group to return. After a short recovery in a small port, the adventurers took their skiff up the Darkwater River into the Vast Swamp.

Far up the river the group was stop by the local Black Draganborn clan. Bjorn was able to shift into animal form to avoid catching the eye of his fellow Dragonborn who have a bounty on him. Nannu was able to convince the Dragborn to let them pass.

Finally reaching the end of the river, the adventurers set out on foot through the swamp. After a short march, they came upon the Ovarskyte Keep. Guarding the front entrance were a group of Yuan Ti and a Drow officer. The group were able to dispatch the guard and prepare to enter the Keep….



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