The adventure begins

Neverwinter Forest

The story so far….

The adventurers find themselves in a small town outside the Neverwinter Forest working for a loan sharking dwarf, the adventures were tasked with collecting a sum of money owed by a local jewelry merchant. When the merchant would not pay a fight ensued. This resulted in the adventures being arrested by the local authorities and brought before the town’s noble.

The players were given the option by a noble to find his son, who he had enlisted to apprenticeship under a local wizard, or face prosecution.

The adventures made their way to the wizards estate and after several battles including a confrontation with some goblins who mysteriously had tentacles for arms. After battling their way through the web infested estate they discovered that the wizard was bound and had his tongue cut out. A journal near his bed described vile experiments he had been conducting and a unhealthy obsession with octopuses.

They finally found the nobles son in the basement of the estate but it was to late to save him. He had been horrible changed by the wizards experiments and the players were forced to put him down.

The saddened noble thanked the adventures for finding out the truth and rewarded them with gold and a promise to forgive them of all past transgressions.



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