Bjorn the Black

Black Dragonborn Swamp Druid




East of Cormyr, north of the Dragonmere lies my home… The Vast Swamp. I grew up around evil beings knowing that there had to be a better way. I tried to convert many to the path Bahamut had laid before me, but my plans backfired. Goodness was seen as weakness and I had to flee the swamp or lose my life.

I seem to have fallen in with a hearty band of adventurers whose moral compass is somewhat shaky. It will be my duty to educate them in the ways of Bahamut. As always I will continue to delve deep into lore trying to learn why the Black dragons, from whom I am desceded, follow Tiamat instead of Bahamut. Hopefully one day I can lead them back to the path of righteousness also.

One last thing, why are you sitting here doing nothing, GET OUT OF MY FUCKING SWAMP!!

Bjorn the Black

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