Session 3

Off to Cormyr

Krusk retires from the party and takes over stewardship of the adventures newly acquired keep.

A Wood Elf Paladin, Thalamar, joins the party on the recommendation of Krusk.

The scholar who identified the book left behind after the assault on Bjorn recommended the group head to the Western Highland to Candle Keep to investigate the book further.

Candle Keep require a tome of over 1000 gold in order to enter. The adventures search for such a tome and are eventually approached by a Halfling female named Sheena at the Friendly Arm Inn. She offers the party information and access to the library at the Temple of Gond where many expensive tomes are located. The adventurers decide instead to report the Halfling to the priest at Gond. The priest ask for assistance in capturing the Halfling which the adventurers are able to do. In reward of their help in stopping the scheming Halfling, the priest give the adventurers a tome that will allow their entrance into Candle Keep.

The party enters Candle Keep where they are taken to the Keeper of Tome, Ulrant, due to the importance of the cult book. The Keeper and the party make a deal where the Keep will keep the book for a month and pay the party 2500 gold in order to copy the book. They also agree to give the party one free entrance into the keep and share their findings after studying the Asmodai tome.

The adventures take of for Cormyr to investigate the boat they had acquired after finding the deed in the box they took from the keep they had acquired. Their ultimate goal is to hopefully use the boat to sail into the Vast Swamp and to the Ovarskyte Keep where the letter they found at the keep described a vast treasure.

While camping somewhere outside of Cormyr, the party was attacked by a group brandishing the head of the cult member who assaulted Bjorn on a pike. The adventurers eventually dispatch the group which were confirmed to be Asmodai members. A letter found on one of the bodies show a bounty on the party with the express purpose of taking back the cult tome.

The adventurers finally make it to Suzail, the capital of Cormyr, where the boat is located. As they approached the docks, they realize the boat is under guard by the Purple Dragons. The party ask the Purple Dragons the reason for this and are only informed that the boat has been seized. After admitting ownership of the boat, the party is told they must immediately accompany the guards to meet with Oversword Kentil.



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